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We can manufacture production springs of any size for any industry

Founded in 1985, Spring Dynamics is an industry-leading, woman-owned manufacturer of springs for the automotive, agricultural, construction, appliance, aerospace, and military industries. We’re defined by our consistent attention to quality, education, and technology, and we’re committed to being a leader in the spring and wire forming industry.


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On-Time Delivery

We’ve achieved 100% on-time delivery each and every year since 2009


We currently have achieved a YTD PPM of < 1.


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Work With Our Team

Our experienced staff of more than 45 people is dedicated to a simple idea: Developing the perfect spring solution for every customer application. We work with designers, engineers, and product development teams to choose the right spring type, material, finish, and total process to meet all specifications while reducing costs and downstream hassles.


Working with Spring Dynamics

When you work with Spring Dynamics, you’ll get a dedicated team that walks you through each step — from concept to prototype to full-scale production. With over 44,000 square feet of manufacturing space, Spring Dynamics can accommodate jobs of any size and scope — from one to millions annually — and we always do it on time and in-spec.


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