Torsion Springs

Torsion Springs



Torsion springs are the most practical spring solution where torque is applied from two directions, as they are designed to offer resistance to externally applied pressures. These springs are typically used on a tube or rod.

We manufacture torsion and double-torsion springs using the latest CNC technology, enabling the handling of complex jobs and low to high volumes to meet fluctuating customer requirements. We also have an in-house lab to guarantee the quality of our springs and save our customers from losing money on poorly made products.


About Torsion Springs

Spring Dynamics manufactures high-precision single or double torsion springs.

Torsion springs are used to apply rotational torque. The end configurations are custom-made to interact with the intended mechanism in which the spring will be inserted. These springs are generally made from round spring steel, but can also be made from square or rectangular spring steel for higher efficiency designs. Torsion springs are normally made with cylindrical helical bodies with closed coil pitch. Alternatively, open pitch coils can be used to reduce inter-coil friction and noise.

Torsion Spring

Case Study: New torsion spring design fixes hood latch issue

Counterbalance Spring Case Study Problem


Today’s engineers are concerned with myriad problems. At the forefront of these concerns are weight and cost. The automotive industry is forever seeking ways to make vehicles lighter by eliminating as much material as possible and lowering costs by designing in fewer moving parts. One customer did just that with a hood latch mechanism they were developing, but the problem was that there was now some ‘free-play’ in the mechanism, causing it to make noise and occasionally malfunction. In addition, the product was scheduled to launch soon, and time was of the essence.

Counterbalance Spring Case Study Solutions


The customer brought their problem to Spring Dynamics. After assessing the situation, the engineering team brought out their drawing board and sought an answer. The torsion spring that was meant to actuate the mechanism had already been developed, but there had to be a way to make this work. The decision was made to recreate the spring with an open pitch between the body coils, making the spring behave like a compression spring as well as a torsion spring! The force applied to the top and bottom mating parts for the spring now had force applied to them, making everything fit snugly and eliminating the free play in the mechanism.

Counterbalance Spring Case Study Results


The new torsion spring worked perfectly in the latch mechanism. Now, without adding parts, redesigning the existing parts, or starting over from scratch, the customer had a viable design that could continue through to production. Spring Dynamics was able to solve the problem without adding cost to the equation. The torsion spring in its newly designed state was almost the same as the original, but now with its improved problem-solving capability built right in.




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